Writer’s Block: 5 Tips to Beat it

No one is immune to dreaded writer’s block. There’ll always be that one day where you struggle to get the words out. Here are a few of our top tips for beating it!


Sometimes the enormity of what we’re trying to do can be overwhelming leading to writer’s block. Even the amount of information needed in one chapter can feel like too much to deal with sometimes. If you find yourself sitting and staring at a blank page, break the task down into manageable chunks. Make a bullet point list of all the things you need to cover in the next chapter/section and then pick one to start fleshing out. It doesn’t need to be word perfect, but at this stage, any words on a page are better than none to get you back into the flow!


If you feel stuck, give yourself a really small and achievable goal. Getting it done will feel like a win! Pick a number (even if it’s just 100!) and try to write those 100 words every day for a week. By the end of it, you may find you can stretch your goal to 200, 300 or even 500. But if not and the words are still not flowing, stick with the 100 words each day. Although it will take you longer to get finished, it will still get done.


There’s no point pushing yourself or giving yourself a hard time if you’re struggling to write. Forcing the words out will be noticeable to your reader so it’s important to come from a positive flow when you write. Take a break instead! Go do something you enjoy, have a day out and take in a change of scenery. Creating some space between yourself and the book can help give you some perspective and rejuvenate you when you next sit down to write.


Changing what you’re writing about can give your mind the break it needs to help get you going again. If you’re writing a novel, sometimes it can help to write from another perspective or different characters viewpoint. Drop your character into an unexpected situation and write about that. Even if it’s not part of your story, it can provide you will useful ideas about their reactions to new surroundings and may spark an idea to help you move the story on. Alternatively, write about something completely different. Maybe try and turn your morning into a funny story. Perhaps create a short story based on a couple you saw on the train recently or try writing a poem. Break yourself out of writer’s block by breaking out of what you know and you might find yourself flowing again!


If all else fails and no matter what you try, you still can’t put pen to paper, perhaps it’s time to really consider what you’re writing about. Are you just getting stressed which is creating a block or are you not truly passionate or interested in what you’re writing? Consider whether you can shift what you’ve written to make it more interesting and exciting to you or maybe you just need to let it rest and start something new. It’s important to follow your feelings on this one so if you know that you simply need a break from writing that book – know that it’s more than okay to start another one before it’s finished if it feels right to you.


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