Here at Tecassia Publishing, we love books. We love the smell, the feel, the sound of a page turning, we adore the whole experience. But we are also interested in the wellbeing of our planet and realise that the business of books requires vast amounts of paper each year.  Although many in the industry are working to help reduce the loss of trees by working with sustainable forests for their paper, we are still consuming an awful lot of trees as a planet.

And while we love books, we want to do our part to help our beautiful planet and keep our environmental impact as low as we can. With that thought in mind, we plan to keep our printed book production as efficient as possible. We understand that every book is different and will have unique requirements: some may only need an Ebook release while others may call for both Ebook and print or print only releases. Whatever the case, we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with a print on demand printer/distributor that sources all their paper from certified mills and sustainable forests. This means that our books will only ever be printed on paper from sustainable forests and only when a copy is ordered. This way there’s no waste with a large print run that sits in a warehouse or ultimately destroyed if left unsold.

To further our efforts, we plan to donate regularly to the Treesisters initiative. Treesisters is a brilliant movement that is supporting the reforestation of our planet through tropical reforestation and works on the empowerment of women to help them grow into leadership roles and move towards becoming planetary caretakers. They currently fund the planting of over 2 million trees per year while the earth is losing trees at a rate of 14 million per day.

Trees are crucially important to sustaining life on our planet so while we love books and stories, we feel it is our duty to help contribute to the reforestation of the earth to help balance our paper usage. We urge you to join us in this endeavour as even a single donation of £10 ($13/€12 approximately) will fund the planting of 33 trees.

Help us make a change.

Donate to Treesisters Now