Welcome to the Manuscript in a Month 30 Day Challenge! [#MIAM30]

This is a free challenge designed to help you stop dreaming about writing your book and actually get it done. It's a fun and intensive challenge and by the end of 30 days, if you write daily you could have written up to 60,000 words!

The challenge begins on the 15th May 2020 for 30 days.

Are you ready?
60,000 words in 30 days

You need to decide which speed you want to write at for the duration of the challenge [30 days]. There’s three options:

  • Intensive - 2,000 words a day
  • Moderate - 1,000 words a day
  • Steady - 500 words a day

You can follow the daily videos and posts in the Challenge Hub or you can join our free Facebook group and connect with the community to keep you accountable. In our Facebook group there'll be daily posts where you can document your progress, celebrate your wins and get support if you're struggling to stay on track. We'll also be holding weekly zoom calls so we can check in and chat!

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The challenge officially starts on 15th May 2020.

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Who is behind the challenge?

I’m Camilla. I trained at university as a book designer and worked for an independent publisher for several years before I took the dive into creating my own publishing company and author services. Admittedly I did a few other things in between including working as a wedding photographer but it’s all lead me back here to working with books and stories.

I’ve been self employed for nearly a decade now and I know how important it is to stay accountable though and how hard it can be to keep going and be motivated when you’re working alone so I’ve created this challenge to do exactly that. The challenge provides daily motivation and accountability so you can write like the wind and finally get that book of yours DONE. Stop dreaming, don’t waste time thinking, just START WRITING!