Publishing a book and making money from it doesn’t have to be an elusive, distant dream. I believe in putting the power back in the hands of the author by providing opportunities for people of all backgrounds the ability to share their message.

Camilla Fellas Arnold

Do You Want To...

Position yourself as a leader in your field?

Become an Amazon bestselling author without the commitment of a solo book?

Build a supportive, collaborative network with like-minded peers?

Then join our next multi-author book project!


Our multi-author books are built on three pillars: Visibility, Impact and Legacy


- Build your brand and expert authority
- Expand your audience reach to readers hungry for the solutions YOU provide
- Use multi-author book as publicity tool


- Build know, like and trust with readers
- Leverage your offers and upsells
- Instant credibility with a book (only 1% of the population actually write a book!)


- Build long lasting collaborative relationships with co-authors
- Your knowledge and expertise in print forever!
- Reach new readers months or even years after publication

Why Wait For a Publishing Deal to Fall Out Of The Sky When You Could Share Your Story Right Now?

Camilla Fellas Arnold

CEO at Tecassia Publishing

Camilla Fellas Arnold is the CEO of Tecassia Publishing and founder of the Women’s Independent Publishing Network. She is a creativity and writing coach, international bestselling author, and podcast host for Creative Power and The Phoenix Calls.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers, Camilla holds a BA (Hons) in Design for Publishing and MA in Communication Design. She is an ILM Level 7 Executive Coach and Mentor, helping people unlock their gifts, find their creative flow, hone their unique voice and share it with the world. Camilla helps creators, entrepreneurs and coaches build their businesses, achieve their creative potential and write incredible solo and multi-author books that position them as expert authorities in their industry.

What Clients Say

"Camilla was always available if she needed some support help. And we had a great group as well. I think encourage teachers are just very, very supportive. And I would highly recommend it to anybody that wants to have a go or writing their own book. Yeah, absolutely amazing. Thank you so much Camilla. You're really knowledgeable, you're so supportive, and just the whole experience was amazing."

– Katie Gleeson

"To the word wizard Camilla, I thank you with all my heart for your challenge. Books are proof that humans can do magic."

– Elaina Letford

"I love working with Camilla, and being involved in her publishing opportunities. Camilla and the way that she runs Tecassia really resonated and aligned with both my personal and my business goals she offers and Tecassia offers emerging creatives and opportunity to bring their message and their unique offering to the world at large. She offered me so much support during my journey as one of her authors."

– Emily Tuck

"It has had a major impact on my life and work in this strange time. The content, calls and group helped me... to stay motivated and feel like I was part of a community of writers. Over the weeks my confidence in my writing has grown and the idea of publishing a book is no longer a distant dream but a realistic possibility. Thank you for all your work and support."

– Ruth Jenkins

"Camilla is an absolute fountain of knowledge when it comes to book design, book writing, editing… that it was impossible not to get so much done and not to learn so much... I can’t wait to work with Camilla more and I absolutely recommend that if you would like to get a book written or even to get into a writing habit to check out Camilla’s work."

– Nikki Turner

"I've had my idea for a long time. Thanks to Camilla she has helped me with my first part, and gave me a lot of help and ideas so now I can finish and publish my book. She is full of knowledge and suggestions and seems to understand my book very well!.

– Costas Stylianou

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What's Included

Writing Support (Value $500)

Be guided on how to write your 3,000 word chapter to fit the theme of the book and create a professional bio.

Professional Editing (Value $300)

Upload your chapter and our team will edit it for you, giving you the chance to review revisions before it's published.

Cover Design (Value $800)

Our experienced designers create gorgeous, professional, high impact covers guaranteed to catch the reader's eye.

Formatting (Value $800)

Our experienced designers handle all the formatting so the book is ready to publish in both eBook and paperback.

Private Community (Value $300)

Join your co-authors in a supportive community where you can network and collaborate as well as ask questions and get support when needed.

Published on Amazon (Value $300)

Our experience team will load the book onto Amazon, handling all the nitty gritty allowing you to sit back, relax and share when the book is published!

Marketing (Value $3000)

Our team will provide all the graphics, guidance and information about how to promote the international launch so we can hit as many bestseller lists as possible.

Become a Bestselling Author (Priceless)

Bask in the glow of becoming a bestselling author with your name in a book that you can continue to leverage for years to come.
Join Now And Get This Bonus Training: PR Like A Pro Worth $299!

Total Value $6,299

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A Collaboration between Tecassia Publishing and AMA Publishing
Guiding Lights Book Cover

Guiding Lights

Meet the entrepreneurs creating divinely guided businesses

  • Are you running your business with divine guidance?
  • Have you taken a leap of faith with your business that paid off massively?
  • Are you connected to otherworldly wisdom that you channel through your business?
  • Do you do business in a spiritually aligned, intuitive way?
  • Do you work with angels, spirit, Mother Nature, the universe and let them guide you in your soul purpose?
If you said YES to any of these, the world needs to hear your story.
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Paradigm Shifters Book Cover

Paradigm Shifters

Meet the visionaries leading the way in creating new paradigms in life

  • Are you making revolutionary waves in your business?
  • Have you got a visionary dream to break glass ceilings and shift societal norms?
  • Are you on a mission to make massive change against the way things have "always been done"
  • Do you march to the beat of your own drum and do business your way with flow and alignment
  • Have you built a business in a unique way that goes against the strategies we've all been taught?
If you said YES to any of these, the world needs to hear your story.
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Joint Projects with Emily Tuck x Camilla Fellas Arnold (Tecassia)

Sacred Sexuality

How To Embody The Wisdom Of The Divine Feminine And Transform Your Life

  • Are you a sex, love and relationship coach, who works with the Divine Feminine?
  • Are you an intimacy coach who channels the Divine Feminine in your business?
  • Has the touch of the Goddess Energy through Sacred Sexuality transformed your life, your love, your business & your prosperity?
  • Has Sacred Sexuality transformed your relationship and your intimacy?
  • Do you work with the Divine Feminine and have a story to tell?
  • Is there ancient wisdom within your body that needs to be shared?
If you said YES to any of these, the world needs to hear your story.

Energetic Match

Powerful Stories of Soulmates, Twin Flames, Sacred Unions and Unconditional Love

  • Is the story of you and your soulmate destined to be shared?
  • Has your life been (Is your life being) transformed by your Twin Flame Connection
  • Are you transforming your life & moving to a frequency of unconditional love?
  • How is the frequency of your sacred union transforming your life, your love, and your heart
  • Are you and your Energetic Match redefining the relationship paradigm?
If you said YES to any of these, the world needs to hear your story.

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Become an Amazon Bestseller!

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In a world where people otherwise might struggle to secure a publishing deal that celebrates and rewards their genius contribution, we are turning the tables on what it means to publish books with inspirational titles sharing stories from a diverse group of people.

Camilla Fellas Arnold

I decided it was time for me to take a leap and be the project runner on a subject that was close to my heart the hearts of others. I needed a vehicle to share their message, a multi author book. Working with Camilla and Tecassia was an obvious step... there was nobody better for that job.

So if you are also thinking a offering multi author book concept if only you knew somebody who could bring that to life for you, I cannot recommend Tecassia and Camilla strongly enough. It will be an investment you will absolutely be glad you made. The way that she supports her team, you and the writers... There is nobody I would trust more, as she has a natural talent for helping your creativity and bring it out for everyone to see.

Emily Tuck


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