The Key

Denise Martinez Rossini is an Intuitional Numerologist and Empowerment Mentor with a mission to help women build their dream life. Her book debut, ‘The Key’ aims to help unlock the secrets and magic of the universe to help you manifest the life you desire.



Out Now: The Key by Denise Martinez Rossini.

Imagine being given the key to unlock the magic of the universe to allow you to connect to its incredible power to bring flow into your life. Look no further! The Key is a guide and journal to help you through your awakening, giving you knowledge and tools to support you in working with the power of the universe.

Touching on everything from numerology, angels, manifestation and spirit guides to crystals and psychic gifts, The Key gives you access to knowledge and tips that will support you through your personal and spiritual growth.

Written by spiritual empowerment mentor and numerologist Denise Martinez Rossini, The Key is the perfect guide for anyone beginning their spiritual awakening, making sense of the sheer volume of information out there in easy to understand terms. Walking you gently through the magic to help you find your spiritual truth, The Key is a must-have for anyone on their spiritual journey!

The Key by Denise Martinez Rossini


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