Our business is books. And while we love the smell and feel of a brand new book, here at Tecassia Publishing, we still want to do our bit for the planet.

We consciously choose (wherever possible) print on demand printers/distributors that source all their paper from certified mills and sustainable forests. Choosing print on demand means that our books will only ever be printed on paper from sustainable forests and only when a copy is ordered. This way there’s no waste with a large print run that sits in a warehouse or pulped if left unsold.

We wanted to take it one step further so have embedded restoration into book we produce. We have partnered with UK Charity TreeSisters to plant 5 trees for every author that works with us.


“TreeSisters is an invitation to everyone to do as much radical good as they can for the planet. Our global network of treesisters is transforming both lives and landscapes in extraordinary ways. TreeSisters offers unique global programs that focus on encouraging women's leadership, Nature-connection, and significant behaviour change as we make the shift from being consumers to restorers. TreeSisters is funding the restoration of environments, biodiversity and communities within more than 10 major ecosystems around the global Tropics, through a diverse portfolio of vetted, trusted reforestation projects and in the process, planting millions of trees. Join us in making ecological restoration the new norm! www.treesisters.org.”

When women gather, something else becomes possible. Ours is a different kind of power, a different kind of responsiveness, receptivity, subtlety and co-creativity. We need to gather, to inspire and encourage each other, because it's time for a different relationship with life on this planet of ours.

Clare Dubois, Founder & CEO, TreeSisters

Why Trees, Why Now?

Trees offer humanity one of the most crucial ecosystem services available to us at this phase of our evolution. Currently, global warming is threatening all life on Earth. While we figure out how to reduce carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the forests of our world are drawing it down into their roots, branches, boughs and leaves. They are invaluable in helping to cool us down. To provide any viable hope for future generations, we need to replace deforestation with a reforestation revolution. We can't wait for governments to lead the way. Together, we are restoring forests in 10+ major ecosystems including those in Madagascar, India, Brazil, Kenya, and Nepal, Mozambique, West Papua and Cameroon. 

We plant trees to restore ecosystems and livelihoods whilst increasing protection against the extremes of climate change in multiple regions of the tropical forest belt. We do this in ways that recreate and restore natural forest ecosystems using indigenous species, fostering local knowledge and skills, and promoting women's participation. We strive to do it intelligently, appropriately, respectfully and successfully. 

Forests play a vital role in the hydrological cycles of our world, sequestering the atmospheric carbon dioxide that is driving climate change. When trees are removed, vibrant ecosystems are often overfarmed, eroded and rendered infertile in a cascade effect that is mirrored with social decline, grinding poverty and climate extremes. Reforestation can rapidly reverse these trends, stabilizing and nourishing the soils, restoring watersheds, revitalizing dry springs and providing good quality water to large populations living downstream. 

You can read more about our Reforestation approach and our Reforestation Partners on the homepage of our website.