Solo books don't have to be a daunting, solitary experience any longer. I've taken the best parts of the multi-author experience, combined with subconscious mindset work, coaching tools, writing and publishing expertise to make your solo authorship journey fun and easy!

Camilla Fellas Arnold

Do You Want To...

Get more eyes on you and your business?

Create high impact by sharing your expertise?

Establish yourself as the 'go-to' in your niche?

Leave a lasting legacy?

Build know, like and trust with ease?

Writing Your Solo Book Just Got Easier!

Our solo author books are built on three pillars: Visibility, Impact and Legacy


- Build your brand and expert authority
- Expand your audience reach to readers hungry for the solutions YOU provide
- Use multi-author book as publicity tool


- Build know, like and trust with readers
- Leverage your offers and upsells
- Instant credibility with a book (only 1% of the population actually write a book!)


- Share your wisdom and build your reputation as an industry leader
- Your knowledge and expertise in print forever!
- Reach new readers months or even years after publication

I've taken part in both multi-author book projects and written my own solo book.

I get it, writing your own book is daunting and lonely.

>> Wondering what to write.

>> How to structure your book.

>> Whether it sounds like complete waffle.

>> If it's got enough detail or too much.

>> Who is your target market.

>> What category it fits into.

>> How to sum it up in an enticing blurb.

>> How to publish it yourself.

>> What is the secret behind an attractive cover.

>> How to name the darn thing!

>> Whether this is a silly dream and you should let the idea go.

>> How to stay motivated to get it done when you're Just. So. Damn. Busy.

I get it. I get ALL of it. I've been that person.

That's why I have brought together:

✔ A decade of experience in book design and publishing

✔ My expert knowledge in structuring and writing a kick-ass nonfiction book

✔ 3+ years of coaching writers

✔ My flair and coaching tools that shine a light on your zone of genius

✔ Subconscious mindset tools from incredible practitioners

To create a solo author experience like no other!

What's Included

✔ Support refining your idea into a solid book concept

✔ A tried and tested structure to help you get your book outlined with ease

✔ Coaching sessions to break the loneliness of solo writing and get you unstuck

✔ Subconscious mindset tools to keep you in action and get it done

✔ Writing guidance, motivation, critique and ongoing support

✔ Professional editing and blurb writing

✔ Professional book cover design

✔ Formatting for print and ebook

✔ Marketing guidance and support

✔ Publishing and distribution through Tecassia Publishing

✔ Expert support and guidance at every step of the journey

✔ Access a supportive community of like-minded solo authors

✔ Go from zero to ready to publish in three months

Register to Receive These Bonuses:

✔ Audiobook editing, production and distribution

✔ How to narrate your audiobook training

✔ PR Like a Pro Training Masterclass

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Camilla Fellas Arnold

CEO at Tecassia Publishing

Camilla Fellas Arnold is the CEO of Tecassia Publishing and founder of the Women’s Independent Publishing Network. She is a creativity and writing coach, international bestselling author, and podcast host for Creative Power and The Phoenix Calls.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers, Camilla holds a BA (Hons) in Design for Publishing and MA in Communication Design. She is an ILM Level 7 Executive Coach and Mentor, helping people unlock their gifts, find their creative flow, hone their unique voice and share it with the world. Camilla helps creators, entrepreneurs and coaches build their businesses, achieve their creative potential and write incredible solo and multi-author books that position them as expert authorities in their industry.

What Clients Say

"Camilla was always available if she needed some support help. And we had a great group as well. I think encourage teachers are just very, very supportive. And I would highly recommend it to anybody that wants to have a go or writing their own book. Yeah, absolutely amazing. Thank you so much Camilla. You're really knowledgeable, you're so supportive, and just the whole experience was amazing."

– Katie Gleeson

"To the word wizard Camilla, I thank you with all my heart for your challenge. Books are proof that humans can do magic."

– Elaina Letford

"I love working with Camilla, and being involved in her publishing opportunities. Camilla and the way that she runs Tecassia really resonated and aligned with both my personal and my business goals she offers and Tecassia offers emerging creatives and opportunity to bring their message and their unique offering to the world at large. She offered me so much support during my journey as one of her authors."

– Emily Tuck

"Getting started with Camilla was straightforward.  I was struck by how well Camilla listened and instinctively knew how best then to help me. Camilla has a real genius for asking the right question at the right time to help me gain insight. She really helped me think differently and provided helpful suggestions on how I could do this. Camilla tactfully gave feedback which has altered the way I think about writing."

– Julia McFarland

"Camilla is an absolute fountain of knowledge when it comes to book design, book writing, editing… that it was impossible not to get so much done and not to learn so much... I can’t wait to work with Camilla more and I absolutely recommend that if you would like to get a book written or even to get into a writing habit to check out Camilla’s work."

– Nikki Turner

"I've had my idea for a long time. Thanks to Camilla she has helped me with my first part, and gave me a lot of help and ideas so now I can finish and publish my book. She is full of knowledge and suggestions and seems to understand my book very well!.

– Costas Stylianou