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Soul Threads

Available Now: Soul Threads by Camilla Fellas Arnold.

Soul Threads is the debut collection of poetry and prose by Camilla Fellas Arnold that beautifully captures emotional healing and embracing the divine feminine. Through the author’s journey of self-discovery and healing, this collection of poems speaks to the depths of the human experience, offering hope and understanding to readers navigating their paths.

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Camilla Fellas Arnold

A life-long creative, writer and book lover, Camilla has worked in the design and publishing industries for over a decade. She is a creativity and writing coach, podcast host, international bestselling author, CEO at Tecassia Publishing and co-founder of Visionary Coaching Centre based in Norfolk, UK. 

She is passionate about helping others unlock their creative flow and share their authentic voice with the world through her creative coaching, mentoring and coach training services.

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Soul Threads

Unravelling Inwards: A Journey Of Embracing The Divine Feminine

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Camilla Fellas Arnold
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Songs From The Red Sea is an upcoming short collection of poetry and prose lifting the lid on the taboo of what it is to be female. Exploring the unspeakable struggles of women’s health such as infertility, endometriosis and miscarriage, Camilla writes candidly about her own experiences and health issues in this illuminatingly raw collection of work.