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Tecassia is pronounced as:
Te-cas-see-a. I didn't want a business name with a pun on books so I turned to my main motivation in life - my dogs - and combined the names of the dogs from my life to create "Tecassia".

Camilla Fellas Arnold - Founder

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who devoured books. She read and read and read some more. She read so many books she ran out of space for them all so she started making up stories in her head. Thus grew our Founder, Camilla's, lifelong love affair with stories. Her life became intertwined so deeply with books, that she simply had to help others share their stories too and as a result, Tecassia Publishing was born. Read more about our story.

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The Key by Denise Martinez Rossini

The Key - Denise Martinez Rossini

Denise Martinez Rossini is an Intuitional Numerologist and Empowerment Mentor with a mission to help women build their dream life. Her book debut, 'The Key' aims to help unlock the secrets and magic of the universe to help you manifest the life you desire.

Out Now.