Publishing is not a gift you have to seek permission or earn. It is your birthright to share your story with the world.

Camilla Fellas Arnold

I'm Camilla Fellas Arnold, Founder of Tecassia Publishing

I help entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, CEOs and visionaries create more visibility, impact and build a lasting legacy by becoming published bestselling authors through multi-author and solo books.

Camilla Fellas Arnold

Creativity and Writing Coach and Mentor

Camilla Fellas Arnold, creativity and writing coach, podcast host for Creative Power, CEO at Tecassia Publishing and international bestselling author. Using multi-disciplinary creative skills and coaching programmes she helps people unlock their gifts and achieve their creative potential. She holds BA (Hons) Design for Publishing, MA Communication Design and is an ILM Level 7 Executive Coach and Mentor.

She has over a decade of experience in the creative industries as a freelance graphic/book designer, professional wedding photographer and set up her own publishing company. A passionate advocate for creative industries, she is a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers, a Fellow of The Royal Society of the Arts and uses her unique expertise to support others embrace creativity in their lives.

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