Visionary Publishing

Here at Tecassia, our mission is to publish books that inspire and change lives. We aim to publish visionary and thought-provoking publications and we're interested in the idea of the endless possibilities of our continual growth both individually and as a collective.

We want to give the next generation of incredible spiritual leaders a platform to inspire, illuminate and embolden the world. We hope to foster an uplifting community that elevates, supports and holds a safe space for one another. We want to promote growth and change on an individual and collective level. We know there's so much more to life and our reality and we want to live it. So here we are: boldly staking and creating our place in the galaxy. Will you join us?

Tecassia is pronounced as: Te-cas-see-a. I didn't want a business name with a pun on books so I turned to my main motivation in life - my dogs - and combined the names of the dogs from my life to create "Tecassia".

Camilla Fellas Arnold, Founder of Tecassia

Camilla Fellas Arnold

CEO and Founder

I’m Camilla, lifelong book lover, design whiz, word wizard and publisher extraordinaire living in Norfolk, UK. I began Tecassia late 2019 after putting the puzzle pieces of my life together. My obsession with stories and desire to see and make change in the world led me to creating this. I’ve spent most of this year figuring out how to do it with no start-up capital or leg-ups, only absolute faith in myself that I could make it happen.

Awards and Memberships

Having passed the rigorous student assessment of the International Society of Typographic Designers I became a member in 2011. Being a member shows my  support in the society's aim to create and inspire interest in all forms of typographic communication.

I also hold personal author membership to the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Member of ISTD  Author Member of ALLi

  • 2020 Proofreading and Editing Diploma with Distinction
  • 2012 - MA Communication Design
  • 2012 - Shortlisted for RSA Student Design Awards
  • 2011 - First in BA (Hons) Design for Publishing
  • 2011 - Present - Member of International Society of Typographic Designers
  • 2008 - Dr Lettis Bequest Award for Work in Art
  • 2007/08 - Top Ten Nationally for AS + A Level Photography