We Are Visionaries

Tecassia supports and mobilises the paradigm shifters. We lead them into their own excellence as they lead others.

We hold the space and be a companion for those who walk the lonely road of the pioneer, of the innovator, of the creative.

Tecassia is the catalyst for the dreamers and activates them. We cheerlead and help them know it's ALL possible.

We are here to be YOUR biggest champion, as you rise, as we rise together.

I went out to become a flame-spotter. I made it my job to watch for those bright flames in the growing night—and to pull them out… I gave them the pride they did not know they had.

Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Camilla Fellas Arnold

CEO and Founder

Camilla is naturally both a seer and seeker with an innate ability for spotting emerging talent in people before they’ve even seen it in themselves. She identifies their unique spark and plucks them from obscurity using the wealth of knowledge she has collected over the years to bring their vision to life.